discover the source of Bioxgn power

OXYGEN / the life-supporting component

BIOXGN / stands for the highest quality, natural beauty, internal and external nourishment

This is a vision of natural beauty at its finest.

For it to be brought to the surface, two components are needed - formulations of the highest quality and power to bring the most out of them, which we found in active oxygen. To succeed in their purpose, they had to come separately, and here's why. As pure and perfect in its own form, oxygen loses its potential when mixed with other elements. It has to be utilized first, and, therefore, on its own.

Once it is applied, the skin pores are open, cells are hydrated, exfoliated and ready to seize the most out of the succeeding product.

The vision of skin perfection is, hereby, found in DUAL component formula.

All the superior quality ingredients originate from Switzerland.

The finest perfume-infused scents imported from Italy.

Manufactured locally, in Serbia.

A mix of 3 different soils gives a unique formula.

For external care to meet every need skin, hair, or body might have, two collections are created.

Pearly collection and Premium Bioxgn Golden collection.

BIOXGN water - hydratation with a spectrum of benefits is our way of internal care.

Tastes like cucumber, lime & ginger.

Zero added flavors or sugars, healthy and in a recycleable packaging.

BIOXGN is EU Certified

which means it can be sold and used anywhere within the Europian Union

Among so many high-end self-care brands, BIOXGN wants to mend the gap between luxurious and accessible. Genuine beauty belongs to everyone. Moreover, our products come at a price suited for everyday use.